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⛅  Amazon cites political influence in plan to challenge JEDI awardAmazon plans to file a contract protest of last month’s Department of Defense award of the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud computing contract to Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT). An Amazon Web Services spokesman confirmed to Washington Business Journal in an email that the company plans to file a protest in federal court citing unmistakable bias in the process as one of the reasons for the challenge. [...]Bizjournals - TechnologyNov 15FRESHLY RELATED   MORE HISTORY

🔒  Helm 3 package manager arrives for KubernetesHelm, the package manager for the Kubernetes container management system, is available in a new major release, Helm 3, with improvements to chart repos and security. Helm 3 also has improvements in the areas of release management and library charts.A Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project, Helm is used to streamline Kubernetes deployments by making it easy to find, share, and deploy software on Kubernetes. [...]InfoWorldNov 14

🔒  Windows and Linux Get Options To Disable Intel TSX To Prevent Zombieload v2 AttacksBoth Microsoft and the Linux kernel teams have added ways to disable support for Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX). From a report: TSX is the Intel technology that opens the company's CPUs to attacks via the Zombieload v2 vulnerability. Zombieload v2 is the codename of a vulnerability that allows malware or a malicious threat actor to extract information processed inside a CPU, information to which they normally shouldn't be able to access due to the security walls present inside modern-day CPUs. [...]SlashdotNov 14MORE HISTORY

🔒  Cisco's Cloud Will LingerThe tech giant Cisco Systems is warning of further slowdowns even as its software and security businesses show promiseWall Street Journal - MarketsNov 14

🔒  Researchers capture moving object with ghost imagingResearchers have developed a way to capture moving objects with the unconventional imaging method known as ghost imaging. The new method could make the imaging technique practical for new applications such as biomedical imaging, security checks and video compression and storage.Science DailyNov 13

🔒  General election 2019: Labour Party hit by second cyber-attackThe party says the first DDoS attack against it failed and it has ongoing security processes in place.BBC - TechnologyNov 12MORE HISTORY

⚙  Choosing between native and non-native cloud integration systemsData integration solutions come in one of three categories. First there’s old school data integration solutions created in the 1990s from the EAI movement, now expanded to include public cloud computing domains. Second, newer cloud-based iPaaS (integration platforms as a service) solutions built from the ground up as on-demand integration servers hosted on the open Internet, but existing outside of public cloud providers. [...]InfoWorldNov 12MORE HISTORY

⛓  Could blockchain be the answer for Australia's digital health record?With privacy and security concerns still plaguing My Health Record, Gartner fellow and VP David Furlonger ponders a future where blockchain could actually help.ZDNetNov 12FRESHLY RELATED   

⚙  SunPower: Hillsboro operations will continue after big manufacturing spinoffSunPower is splitting a big part of itself into a Singapore-based company focused on overseas manufacturing, but said it “will continue its commitment to American manufacturing” in Hillsboro. Under the plan announced Monday, the former SolarWorld plant will remain part of San Jose, Calif.-based SunPower, which will focus on installing solar and energy storage systems and providing other distributed energy services in North America. [...]Bizjournals - Energy & the EnvironmentNov 11

⛓  Share of Cryptocurrency Jobs Grew 1,457%% In 4 YearsThe share of cryptocurrency jobs per million has risen 1,457%% over the past four years, according to a study by job site VentureBeat reports: Indeed analyzed millions of job postings on to unpack how Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain trends have affected the job market. Searches for Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency roles are going down -- yet employer demand has skyrocketed. [...]SlashdotNov 09

🔒  GIF Site Gfycat Announces Mass Deletions, Threatens Archive Team With LawsuitGfycat is threatening to sue Archive Team for archiving the site's old, anonymously-posted images that are marked for deletion. Gfycat's CEO, Dan McEleney, says archiving the memes it hosts is a denial of service attack and demands compensation. From a report: The fallout is ongoing on Twitter, with users of the site panicking about their old content and the company asking for (and being refused) private negotiations with Internet Archive, which [Archive Team founder Jason Scott] points out is not the same entity as the legally-threatened Archive Team. [...]SlashdotNov 09

🔒  Former Twitter Employees Charged With Spying for Saudi ArabiaThe Justice Department’s charges raised questions about the security of technology companies.New York Times - TechnologyNov 08

⛅  How to future-proof cloud applicationsChances are, you’re either building a net-new application in the cloud or using native technology such as serverless or machine learning. Or, you’re porting an application to the cloud, either refactoring it to leverage native services, or lifting and shifting with little or no modification to the code or data. [...]InfoWorldNov 08

⛅  New Quick Start for Deloitte TrueVoice on AWSThis Quick Start deploys TrueVoice Proof of Value (PoV) registration artifacts on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.Amazon Web ServicesNov 08

⛅  Executive Q&A;: Aptum Technologies' new COO and top local execThe Business Journal sat with Jeremy Pease, chief operating officer and top executive in global cloud services provider Aptum Technology's San Antonio office, as he settles into his new role in the company.Bizjournals - San AntonioNov 07

⛓  Blockchain Makes Inroads Into Stock Market's $1 Trillion Plumbing SystemTechnology from the bitcoin world is coming to the trillion-dollar plumbing that underpins the U.S. stock market.Wall Street Journal - MarketsNov 07

⚙  Red Hat’s Quarkus Java stack moves toward production releaseThe fast, lightweight, open source Quarkus Java stack will graduate from its current beta designation and become available as a production release at the end of November. Sponsored by Red Hat, the microservices-oriented Java stack supports both reactive and imperative programming models. Quarkus is a Kubernetes-native Java stack for cloud-native and serverless application development. [...]InfoWorldNov 06

⛅  29 top cloud certificationsWhen it comes to the most in-demand skills, the cloud is the place to be. Our guide to top cloud certifications looks at programs designed for AWS, Google and Microsoft services -- as well as vendor-neutral certifications.InfoWorldNov 06

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