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⛅  Facebook acquires cloud gaming service PlayGigaIllustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Facebook has acquired the Spanish cloud gaming company PlayGiga, which previously offered its services across Italy, Argentina, Chile, and Spain. The purchase was confirmed by Facebook to CNBC, following reports last week from Cinco Dias which claimed that the deal was imminent and was valued at €70 million (around $78 million). [...]The VergeDec 19MORE HISTORY

⚙  Console vs. cloud: What Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X says about the future of gamingA few months after the announcement of Project Scarlett, Microsoft took to the Game Awards stage on Thursday night to debut the next Xbox by its new, official name: the Xbox Series X. Much of what Microsoft has said so far about the new console is what you’d expect from a new video game system. The Series X will ship next year with a solid-state drive for lowered or eliminated load times, and features an assortment of special hardware that makes it the most graphically powerful system in the Xbox line so far. [...]GeekWireDec 15

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